I haven’t got the chance to watch the game live but upon watching the replay I must say that tonight’s match line-up worked out amazingly for the team. What an improvement in the midfield! Nairn, Huster, Lindsey and Matheson did amazing with their passes! But I think Lindsey is a 45 min player only. She made a lot of mistakes in the 2nd half. Taylor and De Vanna were a great dynamic duo for the team’s offense. But Taylor needs to clean her finishing skills because a lot of opportunities she missed for sure. And I may add that Garefrekes is one quality player. She is a threat when she is put up top. 

Captain Krieger, Dunn, Cross (she was awesome), and Singer were on point tonight with the defense. A lot of miscommunication but they still recovered. Harris made a lot of incredible saves (sometimes I wish she would not play a high line because she gets chipped). However, sometimes her playing a high line helps the team a lot. I think she just needs to balance it out. Entirely, this was the team I’ve always believed in. They played and fought as a team until the end. Apparently they still have that fighting spirit! What a team effort! I’m hoping Parsons will retain this line up in the next match.


alexmorgan13 What do we do during a lightening delay? Sit criss-cross in a circle with friends/opponents :)
Ashlyn Harris has been fantastic.
NWSL commentator

If this weather delay last longer than I expected, I won’t be able to watch this freaking match! Clear up weather! I still have classes to attend to! 

I think Parsons have already started to realize that the team’s midfield is shit and that Yael shouldn’t start. This is a start! Let’s crush the Thorns!! :D

Game Day! The line up gave me a little hope! Now I’m seeing some changes that should have been done for almost every game! I’m hoping that they’ll play strong and composed.